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Meta Is Working on Latest Computer Vision Recognition System

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, has introduced the world’s most advanced automated computer vision system for identifying VR and AR products. The system can identify objects in seconds in the form of artificial intelligence and databases.

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According to initial reports, it has been dubbed the “SSER” system. It learns automatically and the Internet can look at images and label them without any outside help. It can quickly and accurately identify innumerable objects in a single scene. However, Meta did not say what stage of completion it was. But it is also the most advanced computerization system ever built.


Evaluate its usefulness by saying that when it was announced last year, Meta said that SEER has been trained on one billion images. Now this power may have multiplied. Last year, it surpassed even the most expensive commercial systems in identifying real-world scenes and their contents.

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Meta said in a statement that such traditional systems train on the image of rich and developed countries, but the new SEED system has been fairly trained in a global environment and has global significance.


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