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Meta Announces to Open Retail Store Next Month

Meta, the founder of Facebook and Instagram, has announced that it will open its first hardware retail store in California next month and is expected to sell Rayben’s WhatsApp glasses and a virtual reality headset called Quest.

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But the most important goal is that Meta, especially WhatsApp, wants to demonstrate the technology of spectacle to the public. Here is a special test area where a Meta employee will call you on WhatsApp lens and you will be able to talk and watch it through video link. It will also be possible to test modern virtual reality displays such as Quest Two.

The Quest Headset will also be able to test a variety of games, including Bat Saber, Real VR Fishing, Golf Plus, and more.

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In addition, users will be able to create videos from Ray Bean Smart Glass and post them on WhatsApp. But all of these items can also be purchased online at the push of a button. It is to be noted that earlier Google had also announced to open retail stores in many places.


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