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Metaverse Announces Funding for its Developer

Meta has started work fast for its new virtual platform Metavers has now announced incentives and funding for its developer.

In this regard, two funding programs have been launched, which was indicated last November. In the first phase, a whopping 10 million has been offered for the Metavers program Horizon. Horizon World is actually a meta program of meta. It tells various developers that they can create their own wealth through their creations.

“We are currently launching a bonus program in the United States for the creators of Horizon World,” the Facebook founding company said in a statement. This is a target plan on a monthly basis which will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

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According to Mark Zuckerberg, the main purpose of this project is to reward those who have done a great job in Horizon. But remember, it depends on our own preferences that we want to include in Metavers. Let’s see whose creation people are interested in and appreciate. We want to improve the virtual reality environment in this way.

The reason is that Meta wants to be one of the best creators in the world to join hands with Metavers and speed up the creative process. In addition, a pilot program will soon be launched in which people who create the best items for the virtual world will be able to sell their creations.

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For example, it may be possible to buy or sell helpful software or services at a fashion store. In this way a revolution will take place in the virtual world and the buying and selling of tools in the virtual world will begin in the same way that people today buy and sell digital products.

With these incentives, it is expected that Metawors will be promoted in the world.


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