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Microsoft 3D Movie Maker is Now Open Source

Microsoft has decided to release as open-source 3D Movie Maker (3DMM), a program born 27 years ago by Microsoft Kids (a division of the Redmond House) and which allowed to place 3D characters in predefined environments, adding actions, sounds, effects, music, lyrics, words, and various effects, exporting the results in various ways.

The release of the software in question as open source is the merit of a user (“Foone”) who made this request to Microsoft, indicating that he wanted to try to improve it by integrating new functions. 

Microsoft does not own the BRender “engine”, which could have created problems, but the owner of the rights to the engine in question let the user know that they would be happy to offer the work as open source if he found a copy; apparently, the copy of the engine popped up and Microsoft then released the source code of the program under the MIT license (a permissive license, which in other words allows reuse in proprietary software under the condition that the license is distributed with that software ).

As mentioned, 3D Movie Maker was introduced in 1995, conceived as a tool for creating animations with cartoon characters to be placed in pre-rendered environments. The PCGamer site reports that Foone intends to update the software making it usable on modern computers, as well as integrate features to simplify the sharing of the videos obtained.

The original source code can be downloaded from GitHub; the BRender engine has been used, among other things, for games such as Carmageddon 1 & 2 and the arrival of updated versions of these games cannot be ruled out.


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