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Microsoft and Meta Partners To Bring Teams and Workplaces Together

Microsoft has partnered with Meta (formerly Facebook) to allow the two companies to somewhat integrate systems designed for their office workers.

The partnership will bring together Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace to stream videos live from Teams to workplace groups.

With this feature, people using Thames or Workplace will not have to switch apps to attend real-time meetings.

Microsoft will make the workplace part of the Thames, allowing users of the platform to access workplace content within the Thames app.

The app will have a homepage of the Thames navigation bar and workplace content, while Microsoft’s admins will also be able to mark workplace content as important.

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“One of the things we need to know is that no single communication tool in the world can move forward, people choose one of the many tools, so we think one As a responsible company, we must make sure that they all get along.

The partnership between WorkPlus and Microsoft Teams is a new partnership between the two companies. WorkPlace is already part of SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Office 365 Suite.

The Microsoft Teams service is set to become part of the Meta Portal (Facebook Portal) in December so that people can use it for video calling in teams.

According to the company, from November 10, businesses can share workplace content with Thames, while the live streaming option will be available in early 2022.

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