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Microsoft Announces To Compete With Facebook’s Metaverse

Facebook recently renamed the company Meta, a move by Mark Zuckerberg to create a virtual world called Metaverse.

But now Facebook will face the toughest competitor in the field in the form of Microsoft, which has become part of the race to build Metaverse.

Microsoft Teams is launching a platform called Mesh next year to bring the company’s mixed reality and holo lens work together in meetings and video calls.

Microsoft announced on November 2 that it is now competing with Metaverse, especially in the workspace.

According to the company, Microsoft Mash will be part of Microsoft meetings in the first half of 2022.

Earlier, the company also experimented with various features in teams such as together mode and other experiments to make the meetings more interactive.

Nicole Herscottz, general manager of Microsoft Teams, said that it is very difficult to stay focused after 30 to 40 minutes in virtual meetings.

That’s why the company first introduced the Together mode and now Mesh will help reduce the stress of people who spend all day on video calls.

Microsoft teams will now add 3D avatars that will be a step towards a meta-environment, and yes they will not require the use of virtual reality headsets.

These avatars can be used in both 2D and 3D meetings and users will be able to choose an animated version of their own when they do not want to turn on the webcam.

Katie Kelly, Microsoft Mesh’s product manager, said: “This will allow us to decide which video or avatar will be part of the video call and will have a number of customization options.”

He said that the avatar would be animated by the user’s voice so that he would feel there in reality.

Microsoft will use AI technology to activate avatars by listening to the user’s voice.

These 3D animations can be raised for 3D meeting or animated emojis can be placed around their avatars.

The company expects the mesh platform to be more useful for the user in such an experience, especially for building metavers for businesses.

Microsoft wants to create a virtual world where people can network and socialize through games or company apps.

The company is also working to make translation and transcription support a part of it so that language does not become a barrier to communication with co-workers around the world in the virtual team space.

Katie Kelly said that these virtual spaces and avatars will be available in Microsoft teams in the first half of 2022.

This will allow businesses to build their own virtual sites or meta versions within the Thames.

Microsoft has been investing for years in realizing the idea of ​​MetaVers, its holo lens headset and the purchase of augmented reality company AltSpace, among others.


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