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Microsoft Introduces Tablet Version in Windows 11

Tablet Version in Winows 11: Microsoft has announced for Windows 11 that it will soon offer additional features for tablets that will have a tablet-appropriate taskbar.

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The icons in Tab Version Windows 11 created for the tab in the first step have been redesigned in a way. When they are in the taskbar they look very organized which is not confusing to look at. In the second stage, the search bar, widgets and start buttons are hidden. That is, they all disappear as soon as you turn on the tablet mode.

This increases the screen size of the tablet and no icon is touched by mistake. These will now appear on the swipe and you will be able to use them. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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Similarly, news and information feeds for tablets can be increased or decreased. You can also fully customize it. Now Microsoft is offering not only 3D emojis but also 37 new emojis. But not all emojis appear at once because some of them are undergoing beta testing and may be added later.

That’s why Microsoft has said that over time, users will be able to see the innovations and tools of Windows 11 that will be included in various updates.


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