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Microsoft To Introduce Latest Xbox Technology For Computers

US technology giant Microsoft has announced that it will introduce the latest technology used in Xbox to computers.

Microsoft has announced the release of features of its best gaming console Xbox Series X for desktop and laptop computers.

In this regard, Microsoft has also announced the launch of Public SDK (Software Development Kit) in its blog.

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According to gadgets 360, a technology news website, the X-Series Direct Storage Debut has been released for Windows Gaming with SD Speed.

Microsoft’s direct storage technology speeds up game loading. Until now, it was only used in Xbox.

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After that, for those who love to play games on Windows computers, Windows Games will be shipped with Direct Storage.

However, using this game on your computer will require some skill and only developers will be able to do it. So for some time most users will not be able to benefit from it.

According to Microsoft, in order to get the best results from direct storage, the user must have Windows 11 installed.


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