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Mobile Applications That Make Your Journey Easier

With the help of technology, human life is getting easier and easier every day.

Technology is now used in every sphere of life, so the work that used to be done in hours is now completed in a short time.

It used to be difficult for man to travel to a new place because the routes to the new place were not known but now there are many technologies that have made it much easier for man to travel.

There are also applications that are used for route information.

Pack Point application

This application provides users with a complete list of the most important items to help you make travel bags and travel accessories.

Global Shark Tracker App

This application detects the locations of shark attacks on beaches through a world map that determines your presence in the area.

The application also shows the whereabouts of any shark in the ocean and warns the user if any of them are less than a minute apart.

QSun application

This application helps you reap the benefits of sunlight and vitamin D, while for healthy skin, it tells you the right time to expose your body to the sun and the sun and its harmful UV rays. Protects from

Tides Near Me App

The application helps predict the timing and occurrence of waves in coastal areas, as well as warn of large waves that could endanger swimmers’ lives.

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