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Moon Will Appear In a Row With 5 Planets

Amazing view of nature Today the moon will appear in a row with 5 planets.

If you are interested in astronomy then this week a beautiful view of the sky awaits you, which is visible only centuries later.

According to the space magazine Space.com, for those who want to explore the moon stars and the vastness of space, the Earth’s lunar system is forming a sequence with the other 5 stars of Solar System from today. Jawahal will present a heartwarming and enchanting scene for the earth centuries later.

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According to astronomers, this phenomenon appeared 158 years ago. In this order of the moon, 5 planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will come in a row and this order will continue for the next two days ie 25th June.

To maintain close proximity to the sun, these five stars will form a heartwarming parade that is enough to dazzle onlookers.

In this regard, astronomers say that this arrangement with the moon of the planets in the solar system is very rare. Earlier, this amazing sight was seen on March 5, 1864.

The most wonderful thing about this phenomenon of power is that the moon is not a planet in itself but it will also align this line with these planets.

Although the five planets are in order in June, they will be clearly visible by the end of this month.

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This arrangement will appear in the sky in the form of a protruding elbow arc from east to northeast and then south.

Experts say that Saturn will be visible in this heartwarming celestial parade till midnight, then gradually Jupiter and Mars, 30 to 40 minutes later Venus and Mercury will appear shortly before sunrise.

According to the report, this arrangement along with the lunar planets also helps the earth to determine its position.


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