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More Than 90% Students Are Weak In Maths And Science

According to a survey, more than 90% of students in Pakistan’s primary and lower secondary schools have poor understanding of important subjects such as mathematics and science.

According to a survey conducted by Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development IED Pakistan, more than 15,000 fifth-, sixth- and eighth-grade students in 153 public and private schools across the country have math and science as regular educational activities. Took part in the test.

All the tests in the survey were designed according to Pakistan’s curriculum and their use in Pakistan has been confirmed during previous studies.

The average result of students in Mathematics test was 27 marks out of 100 while the average result in science was 34 marks out of 100. Only one percent of the students showed excellent performance in both the subjects and got more than 80 percent marks.

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The performance of female students in mathematics was slightly better than that of male students. The average result of private schools was better than that of public schools but they too could not get more than 40% marks in both the subjects.

As far as the provinces are concerned, Punjab’s performance in all the provinces was better than the rest of the provinces in the survey. However, the students could not get more than 40% marks in both the subjects.

A total of 78 public and 75 private schools participated in the survey.

Out of the 50 students surveyed, only one student was able to write the amount given as “10 million, 20 thousand, 20” in numerical form.

Less than one in ten students could explain the scientific reason why the heart beats faster during exercise.

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Talking about these alarming results, Assistant Professor Nusrat Fatima Rizvi said that science and math education desperately needs the attention of teachers and policy makers.

According to researchers, there are a number of factors that contribute to poor student outcomes.

Among these factors, high quality teaching, the mother of the student being educated till graduation is very important, while according to experts, the educational quality of the father was considered less important in this regard, use of the same language for teaching in the classroom, private These include schooling and schooling in Punjab.

Surprisingly, students learned better from teachers who did not have a formal degree in education than from more experienced teachers, relatively new teachers, and teachers with degrees in education.

During the survey, 589 teachers’ classes were visited to assess the quality of teaching, with an average of 9 out of 10 teachers found the teaching method to be weak and one out of 10 teaching methods to be mediocre.

According to researchers, no teacher has demonstrated good teaching methods.

Associate Professor Saadia Bhatta, Investigator of the Research Study, said that in most of the classrooms, the teachers ask the students questions or present the concept to the students with the help of an activity or the students. Instead of being a part of the activity, he spent time teaching the lessons in the book and explaining the meanings of the given words.

One of the most important findings of this study is that students studying in a single language performed better than students who use more than one language for teaching.

According to researchers, there is an urgent need to provide vocational training opportunities to teachers so that they can improve their knowledge of the subject and their ability to evaluate their teaching methods.

Dr. Sadia Muzaffar Bhatta, Dr. Nusrat Fatima Rizvi, Sohail Ahmed, Khadija Nadeem, Noorin Imran, Sabina Khan and Maimona Khan of IED were part of the research survey project team.

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