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What Is Most Searched In Pakistan On Google? Report

Google is a place where every day and every time someone is searching for something via Google Search.

It is very easy to search things on Google and find out about new things at home, but without Google, life becomes very difficult.

In fact, it is impossible for Internet users to survive without Google.

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According to a conservative estimate, Google averages 63,000 per second, 2.8 million per minute, 228 million per hour, more than 5.6 billion times per day, and more than 2,000 billion times per year. Some searches are done, of which 16 to 20 percent are searches that have never been searched before.

It is a common thing that people all over the world search on Google and follow who but do you know what is searched most on Google search engine in Pakistan?

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If not here’s a new product just for you!

In this regard, one thing has come to light through Google’s auto-suggest engine which has revealed about Google Search in Pakistan that the citizens of Pakistan, unlike other countries, search for the most dramas.

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In addition, Indians search more movies and other foods on Google than in other countries.

Remember that universities in the United States are searched the most by Google, while war movies are preferred in Afghanistan.


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