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Motorcycle Vibration Can Cause Camera Issues In iPhone

Apple has issued a warning to iPhone users, saying that motorcycle vibration is dangerous for your iPhone.

Apple has warned in new supporting documents released for the iPhone that the iPhone should not be attached to a heavy motorcycle. People who have an iPhone should protect their phone from vibration caused by motorcycles as the vibration caused by powerful motorcycles can cause camera and other problems in your iPhone.

The documents further state that motorcycle owners should use vibration-resistant mounts to avoid any damage. This is because the vibration generated by a motorcycle engine damages the phone’s ‘optical image stabilization’ or ‘closed loop autofocus systems’.

Apple adds that many iPhone models are sensitive to vibration. The reason why the iPhone’s camera lenses suffer from optical image stabilization (OIS) vibrations is that they use gyroscopes and magnetic sensors to aid in motion and vibration while making videos or images.

The OIS and auto-focused systems in the iPhone are designed for sustainability, but in consumer electronics, systems such as the OIS would be affected if they were kept vibrating at a certain frequency for too long. Which has a direct effect on the quality of the video or image.

That’s why Apple has instructed its users not to attach the iPhone directly to motorcycle handles or handlebars. To avoid any kind of damage, users should place the iPhone in the vibration-absorbing mount on the handlebars or keychains.

It should be noted that even on social media, many iPhone users have complained about the damage to their phones when connected to a motorcycle.


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