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NASA Is Ready To Take Man To Moon Once Again

National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA has decided to take man to land on moon once again after five decades.

Nearly five decades later, Congress and relevant agencies have approved funding for a spectacular lunar project in the United States. Thanks to this man will be sent back to the moon.

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In this regard, a mission called Artemis I is being sent to the moon by the middle of this year, which will collect data and conditions suitable for human conditions there. In addition, the project will go ahead and send manned vehicles to the moon.

The money has been stagnant for some time, and has now been approved by President Biden’s administration. In 2021, NASA demanded a little over 23 23 billion. But Congress has not yet approved the full amount.

The most important of the plans is the Artemis program, which will build a spacecraft to land on the moon. Three and a half billion dollars were demanded for this lender alone. In it, the first woman and the first non-white moon will be landed on the barren Badr.

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NASA will award the contract to two commercial companies that will develop efficient rides to the moon in a specific period of time. One of these companies is Elon Musk’s SpaceX. NASA’s second program is the space station or its new module that has been stalled for some time. It will be built in Lower Earth orbit or LEO. On the other hand, NASA wants to strengthen private companies with its funding.

This is because the weightlessness of space still has a long list of human experiments that have not been worked on and for the next several decades NASA will need a space platform.


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