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NASA Is Testing A Flight Test Of An Electric Taxi

NASA has taken an important step towards making flying taxis a reality. According to details the agency is starting a flight test with Joby Aviation’s electric VTOL aircraft to help model and replicate future airspace with these taxis. The dry run began quietly on August 30 and will continue until September 10. The effort will include a noise probe using 50 microphones that will measure the “sound profile” of an air taxi during a given flight.

As part of an advanced air mobility campaign, this is going to be the first EVTOL test aimed at finding gaps in the Federal Aviation Administration’s regulations and ensuring that agency delivery drones and other non-delivery Flight taxis with conventional aircraft are safe for commercial use. is ready. Flight program data will support a full set of campaign tests in 2022, including other taxis and complex flight conditions.

Overall, the program could better prepare the United States for low-altitude air traffic if flying taxis are widely used. The initial test for Joby is also a minor setback. It launched a major probe shortly after acquiring Ober’s air taxi business and securing a 394 million investment from Toyota. No one can say whether Joby will continue to play a key role, but he was clearly hoping for that kind of cooperation.

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