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NASA Releases Image of Two Colliding Galaxies

NASA tore up its social networks with a brutal image where we see two galaxies colliding.

We are about to enter a new era in the history of space exploration. Thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, it will be possible to obtain never-before-seen images of what is outside our planet.

Meanwhile, rudimentary imaging and data capture instruments continue to exist that provide the scientific and technical community with enough tools to capture very clear concepts of what happens beyond our solar system.

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It is precisely in this context that the NASA space agency has released one of its most impressive images where we see a phenomenon that would usually seem like something out of a piece of science fiction.

NASA image with two colliding galaxies that has caused a furor

The North American space agency together with the European Space Agency (ESA) have released a monumental image through its official Instagram account account .

There they relate how they were able to capture an image of two colliding galaxies a few weeks ago, because their active galactic nuclei (AGN) were no longer hidden by cosmic dust.

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Thanks to this, the AGN emission records were varied enough to capture an image that ended up being captured in greater detail in this portrait:

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