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Netflix Mobile Games For Android Devices Introduced

Netflix, the world’s most popular streaming service, has now stepped into the gaming scene.

Netflix has introduced 5 mobile games that are available in the Android app and will be available in iOS devices in the coming months.

According to the company, these games will be immediately available to those who are using an Android phone or tablet.

These games have also been placed in the Google Play Store for individual downloads and have been added to Netflix’s Android app since November 3.

That means you don’t have to log out of the Netflix app to play games.

These games will be available on the homepage of the main app, but initially they will need to be downloaded, but gradually the procedure will change.

Some games need to be downloaded, while others require an internet connection to play, but no games will have conditions such as ads, in-app purchases or additional fees.

The first 5 games to play on mobile are Stranger Things 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting Hopes, Tetter Up and Card Blast.

Introducing Games is a significant step forward for Netflix in making video games part of its subscription service.

Netflix confirmed its entry into the gaming sector in July and said it would not charge an additional fee for the current service.

The reason for the rise in gaming is that Netflix now faces competition from other streaming services, especially apart from traditional TV and movie companies, such as Fortnight and YouTube.

The gaming industry has become important in the current era and with the increase in internet access, the value of gaming companies also reached 8 178 billion in 2020.

Along with Netflix, Amazon is also making strides in the gaming sector, while Google recently introduced the stadium game streaming service.

Apple also introduced a gaming service called Apple Arcade.


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