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New Govt Orders To Restore Old Curriculum

The new federal government has ordered a halt to further work on the Single National Curriculum (SNC), allegedly introduced by former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to reports, the federal government has ordered the concerned authorities to suspend the provision of education under the SNC and return to the old curriculum as soon as possible.

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Educationists have strongly condemned the coalition government’s move, claiming that the education sector should be free from political motives.

One educationist said that any change in the SNC would be opposed at all levels and suggested the government to leave the SNC as it is. Another educationist said that the SNC has been developed after taking all the national stakeholders on board and there is no need to bring it back.

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The PTI-led federal government formed and introduced SNCs for schools, colleges and madrassas. The SNC has been adopted by all the provinces except Sindh which openly rejects the SNC.

Under the SNC, all schools, colleges and madrassas are required to use textbooks prepared by the relevant provincial textbook boards.


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