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New Smartphone Features Coming In 2022

The smartphone was not as smart as it is today, only 13 years ago, and although smartphone technology has been around since 1992, the world’s first smartphone, the Simon Personal Communicator, went on sale in 1994. But until 2007, these phones were not so smart, but then with the launch of Apple and Android phones, new smartphone features are rapidly emerging every passing year.

Here we are going to discuss the new smartphone features that will come after 2021 which will replace today’s smartphones and those who use them will soon forget about today’s existing smartphones.

1 Phones Without SIM Cards

In existing smartphones, although the size of the SIM has been greatly reduced, but the smartphone makers are about to get rid of this SIM card and Apple and Samsung are going to introduce electrical SIM cards in their new phones. Electrical SIM cards can be connected to any network and it is not necessary to change the SIM to change the network, this feature will be very useful for people who travel from one country to another and wherever they want. You will be able to change your network without changing your SIM card.

2 Nanotech Battery

The lithium-ion battery eased the problem for smartphone makers because the battery lasts longer and does not deteriorate quickly, but despite this battery, smartphone users are not free from the hassle of late charging. Were

Introducing the Nano Battery technology in the Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2015, this technology is capable of charging the battery from 0 to 100% in just one minute but it does not last as long as a lithium battery. The battery maker is partnering with Samsung to introduce its battery in a modern way in mobile phones, after which mobile charging will be just a minute away.

3 Photonic Crystal Display

You have seen smartphones in LCD, LED and OLED displays but these displays fall like the sun or any other bright light but now photonic crystal display screens are introduced in mobile phones with nano structure. Samsung has introduced flexible screens with crystal displays in 2013, but now this technology is new to the modern style. Can be viewed on mobile.

Surround Sound Headphones

Headphone manufacturers have not been able to introduce Surround Sound System in headphones in the same way as Surround Sound Speaker System but now DTS makers are going to respond to this criticism and introduce 7.1 Sound System in mobile phones. You will also be able to enjoy ordinary headphones with the sound that spreads.

5 Biometric Phones

In the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, although the manufacturers of these phones had the ability to scan the thumb, but from a security point of view, this capability did not fully secure many data points, so the new phones stopped scanning But now Qualcomm Telecommunications has introduced an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in which the scanner resolution has been multiplied so that the finger is scanned properly and there is no risk of security leaks.

6 Virtual Reality

You have seen VR fail in the market but now a new technology is being introduced in the new phones which will be able to show virtual reality up to iPhone 4 without VR and you will be able to use devices like VR. Will not be bound to tie on the forehead.

7 Graphene

The invention of graphene in the material sciences is nothing short of magical because it is a material that is 200 times stronger and more flexible than steel and is going to give a new direction to electrical devices due to its electrical conductivity.

The use of graphene in smartphones is going to make smartphones lighter and lighter in weight and 200 times stronger than steel and Samsung is currently working on using this material in phones and hopefully In the coming year, you will be able to buy phones made of this material.

9 Doctor’s Phone

Newer phones are introducing features that can detect germs inside the body, and recently developed software called Athelas that detects the Ebola virus.

Such phones and software will in the future make the phone an excellent medical lab and doctor who will diagnose the disease in minutes and seconds and even then smart phones will allow you to check blood pressure, sugar and heart rate etc. But modern phones will be able to diagnose cancer.

10 Smart Camera

The Qualcomm company introduced a camera in 2015 that was capable of recognizing things. You knew what the camera was after focusing on anything, and now this technology has been introduced in new phones in a new way. This is because Google is going to integrate its photo database with this technology, after which you will be able to identify any new thing with the camera, what it is and how it works.



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