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Japan Sets New World Record For Fastest Internet Speed

Japanese engineers have set a new world record for fastest speed by transferring data at an incredible speed of 319 terabits per second via optical fibers.

For simplicity, it can be assumed that in this experiment, about 817 blu-ray discs of digital data were transferred in just one second.

The previous world record for the fastest data transfer from optical fibers was 178 terabits per second, which was set last year by engineers at University College London. The new record is about 80% higher.
In a recent experiment in Japan, data was transmitted over a distance of 3000 km using today’s conventional optical fibers, which is expected to require modest additional costs to be used commercially in the future.

Engineers from Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT), led by Dr. Benjamin Putman, have set the new record.

This technology of data transfer is called “wavelength division multiplexing” in which a laser beam (with digital information) is broken down into 552 separate channels and sent to four optical fibers that are present in a single cable. ۔

After every 70 km, amplifiers are installed which re-energize the signals coming from the optical fibers and send them further. This is how digital data reaches its destination accurately.

Under this arrangement, the average speed of data transfer was 580 gigabits per second while the maximum speed was recorded at 319 terabits per second.

It should be noted that Japan is one of the few countries where people have the fastest broadband internet (10 gigabits per second). The new average speed will be 58 times higher.


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