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No Bank Account No: Transfer Amounts Via Mobile Numbers

Great news has been announced by State Bank of Pakistan SBP to all bank customers.

It is often noted that many bank customers do not remember their account number because any bank account must have a minimum of 14 and a maximum of 16 digits which is not possible for everyone to remember and No money can be transferred online without full account number details.

SBP, realizing the difficulty of its bank customers in Pakistan, has introduced a new facility under which they will be able to transfer money online very easily.

If a bank customer wants to transfer money online to anyone, under this new facility introduced by SBP, he can transfer any amount of money online to any bank without any account number.

SBP has introduced a new feature in the digital payment system ‘Rast’ for the convenience of customers in which they can use their mobile number to send or receive money.

Under this facility, all users will no longer need to remember their 16 digit bank account number but their mobile number will be linked to their bank account under which their mobile number will be the account number. Will become

Under this facility of SBP, users can send their desired amount to anyone within just 20 seconds from any mobile or request money from them to their bank account through their mobile.

Surprisingly, under this new facility of SBP, there will be no reduction in sending or receiving money from the customers ie they will be able to avail this facility for free.

In order to avail this facility of SBP, bank customers have to go online or to any of the nearest branches of their bank and link their registered mobile number with their bank’s IBAN by creating a ‘direct’ ID.

Under this facility, customers can avail the facility of transferring money up to Rs. 2 lakhs at a time.


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