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German Scientists Achieved Nobel Prize 2021 in Chemistry

Sweden’s Swedish Academy of Nobel Prize, the world’s highest award, has announced that the 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry will be awarded to British and German scientists.

The Nobel Committee announced the winners of the 2021 Nobel Prizes three days ago, and the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Medicine have been announced before Chemistry.

According to the Nobel Prize website, British scientist Dr. David McMillan and German expert Benjamin List made important discoveries about organic chemistry, and the efforts of both experts led to the discovery of simple ways to make chemistry molecules. The reward is being given.

The two experts also discovered simple ways to make molecules that helped to experiment with different carbons in the field of chemistry.

The Nobel Prize money will be shared equally between the two scientists and they will be awarded in December this year.

Last year, the first Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to two women scientists.

The 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Emmanuel Carpenter of France and Jennifer Dodna of the United States.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded since 1901 and this year was the 112th occasion and last year 2 women were awarded the highest award for the first time, so far only 5 women have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The Nobel Committee began announcing this year’s prizes on October 4, the first day of medicine, and the second day, October 5, of physics.

The Nobel Prize Committee awards prizes in a total of six categories, including chemistry. In addition to chemistry, the committee also awards prizes in the categories of physics, medicine, literature, economics and peace.

The committee awards prizes to Nobel laureates in December each year, and the award ceremony is held in Sweden, but the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is held in another country, Norway.

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