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Noble Prize 2021 in Medicine Got Two American Scientists

Sweden’s Swedish Academy of Nobel Prize, the world’s highest award, has awarded the Nobel Prize 2021 in Medicine to two American scientists.

It was thought that the Nobel Prize 2021 in Medicine would be awarded this year to experts who have developed a vaccine against corona.

There were also speculations that two experts who discovered the MNRA vaccine technology could be rewarded this year, but that did not happen.

On October 4, the Swedish Academy of Nobel announced the awarding of the prize to Dr. Davis Julius, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, and Dr. Ardam Petapotum, a professor at the Scrap Research Institute in California.

According to the Nobel Prize website, both experts were rewarded for discovering body temperature and emotions.

The two experts explored how the human body feels the heat of the sun and how the human body feels when they hug each other.

It was only after the discovery of these experts that the cure for many physical ailments, including fever and nerve pain, was discovered.

Both experts discovered how our body transmits feelings and emotions to the nervous system and provides disease or happiness.

Last year, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was announced jointly by British scientist Michael Houghton and Harvey Alter and Charles Rice of the United States.

The Nobel Prize in Medicine has been awarded by the committee since 1919 and so far the prize has been awarded to 114 personalities, 12 of whom were women.

The committee awards prizes to Nobel laureates in December each year and the award ceremony is held in Sweden, but the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is held in another country.


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