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Noble Prize 2021 in Physics Awarded To 3 Experts

Sweden’s Swedish Academy of Nobel Prize, the world’s highest award, has announced that the Nobel Prize 2021 in Physics will be awarded to scientists from Germany, Japan and Italy.

Last year, the committee awarded the Physics Prize to three scientists, including a woman. This year, the Nobel Prize will be awarded to one scientist and the other to a scientist.

According to the Nobel Committee’s website, one part of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics will be awarded to Dr. Seikoro Manabe, a scientist from Japan and Dr. Klaus Haslemann from Germany, and the other to Dr. Giorgio Presi, a scientist from Italy.

Acknowledging the services of the three experts, the committee wrote that thanks to their efforts, the issues of environmental pollution and its impact on human body and life have been resolved.

According to the committee, the findings of the Japanese and German experts suggest changes in the terrestrial climate and its effects on the human body, while the Italian expert’s findings on the effects of nuclear material on the environment have led to dramatic changes in the world. Introduce

One part of this year’s Nobel Prize 2021 in Physics will be shared between Italian scientists and the other between German and Japanese scientists.

Last year, the Nobel Prize  in Physics was awarded to British mathematician Roger Penries, American woman scientist Andrea Gage and German scientist Reinhard Ganzel.

The Nobel Committee announced the Nobel Prize in Medicine a day earlier. Was

The Nobel Committee announces the Nobel Prize at the beginning of October each year. From October 4 this year, the committee began announcing this year’s winners, and on the first day the Medicine and today the second day the Physics Prize were announced.

The Nobel Prize Committee awards prizes in a total of six categories, including physics. In addition to physics, the committee also awards prizes in the categories of chemistry, medicine, literature, economics and peace.

The committee awards prizes to Nobel laureates in December each year, and the award ceremony is held in Sweden, but the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is held in another country, Norway.

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