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Nokia Considers To Use Harmony OS In Next Phones

As a result of US sanctions, Huawei has stopped using Google mobile services and has introduced its own operating system, Harmony OS.

How successful this operating system is compared to Android and iOS will be decided in the near future, but it has been very successful in China.

In fact, a few other Chinese companies besides Huawei are also planning to introduce smartphones equipped with Harmony OS.

However, a new report claims that Nokia is planning to offer smartphones equipped with Harmony OS.

It is believed that the Nokia X60 series could be given to Harmony OS.

The leak is also shocking because Nokia is not a Chinese company but belongs to the European country Finland, which will continue to introduce Android phones.

It is not clear why Nokia will introduce phones equipped with Harmony OS, but it could be done to increase its share in the Chinese market.

The highlight of the Nokia X60 series is not only the Harmony OS, but according to Lex, it will be the company’s flagship series, consisting of the X60 and X60 Pro.

According to Lex, the phone can be given a 200-megapixel camera phone with an elbow-edged display and a 6,000 mAh battery.

There are not many details about the processor in the phone but it is certain that it will be a Five G processor.

Outside of China, this phone will have Harmony OS or Android, it is still difficult to say.

However, sources said that Nokia is currently testing Harmony OS and if all goes well, phones equipped with Harmony OS will also be offered.

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