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Nokia and Oppo’s Legal Battle Against Each Other

Mobile phone maker Nokia has filed various lawsuits against Oppo, alleging patent infringement.

Nokia has reportedly filed lawsuits against Chinese smartphone maker OPPO in the European and Asian markets under a non-SEP patent. This includes patents for connectivity, interfaces and security features.

According to the report, in 2018, the Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia had signed a multi-year agreement with Oppo, but these cases show that the agreement has expired.

In this regard, Nokia has also published a statement according to which Oppo has refused to renew the agreement and therefore legal action has been taken against Oppo to stop the use of these patents.

According to media reports, Oppo called Nokia’s action “shocking” and accused Nokia of violating the rules for keeping patent licenses transparent, reasonable and non-discriminatory. The company says Oppo protects and values ​​its own and third-party intellectual property rights.

A Nokia spokesman said: “We are confident that there will be a constructive way to deal with this situation.” According to the report, Nokia currently holds a number of patents and has entered into royalty agreements with Samsung, Apple, LG, Lenovo and even BlackBerry.

According to the report, a recently leaked memo has revealed that OnePlus will soon become a sub-brand of Oppo, but both the companies have not revealed this yet.


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