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Online Noon Academy Teaches 1.5 Million Children For Free

Launched in Saudi Arabia under the name ‘Noon Academy’, the international online academy is becoming a source of educational revolution throughout Pakistan, especially in the backward areas.

Noon Academy Pakistan was launched last year and this month 1.5 million Pakistani students are getting not only free and quality education but also better results through this online academy.

One of the uniqueness of Noon Academy Pakistan is that it has highly educated teachers on board.

Originally a social learning platform launched from Saudi Arabia as a test based website, however due to excellent results it has gradually spread around the world and now 12 million students from eight countries benefit from it. Are getting

Speaking to Independent Urdu, Saad Salman Silhari, Academic Head National Board of Noon Academy Pakistan, said: “Initially, we conveyed our message of free and quality education to the students through Facebook and YouTube. Some of the kids benefited from it when they started taking classes, after which they told their friends that we are getting free education from here.

According to Saad Salman: “The group I taught had more than 100,000 children. The children also have the facility to watch the recording after the live lecture. Such children were from remote areas and they thanked us. Many said we had never seen a teacher in our school. We’re glad to have the opportunity to speak to the teacher here. ”

One of the uniqueness of Noon Academy Pakistan is that despite providing free education to the students, it has kept highly educated teachers on board. Haroon Tariq, the institution’s academic head of Cambridge Stream, has set seven world records. He set a world record by getting a total of 87 A grades in O and A levels.

“When I completed my A level in 2013, I got a full scholarship at the University of Melbourne, Australia,” he said. There I studied computer science and returned to Pakistan in 2017. I have been interested in teaching from the beginning. When Noon Academy came to Pakistan in 2020, he and I had a similar message that quality and free education should be provided, but yes, the children who need more attention should be compensated.

Saifullah Bugti, a student of Noon Academy in Sui area of ​​Balochistan province, said, “I belong to a district where there is no education system. I installed Noon app through which I had the opportunity to read from the best teachers. Thanks to Noon Academy, I have got very good marks in FSC and I have also prepared MDCAT for free from Noon Academy.

Students can create a student account at learnatnoon.com and join teacher groups by subject. IPhone and Android users can also benefit from the Noon Pakistan app. This online learning platform also conducts quizzes for children and gives them prizes that can help students further their education.


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