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Online Classes Are Dangerous To Children’s Mental Health: Research

Research by a US agency has revealed that taking online classes during the global epidemic has negative effects on the mental health of parents and children.

According to the World News Agency, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied the effects of online classes on the mental health of children and parents during the global epidemic.

The researchers claimed that the results of the study identified 11 out of 17 risks to the emotional, physical and mental health of children and parents. Children’s physical activity and reduced working hours made them lazy and sick.
Symptoms of irritability, stubbornness and anger also increased in children, their immunity and endurance also decreased. Such children often slept or used the Internet, which caused muscle spasms and body aches.

Similarly, 25% of the parents also showed child-like symptoms, the children staying at home all the time increased the workload and the housekeeping was also untrained due to which the women were suffering from physical distress and mental stress.

In contrast, the children who went to school were healthier and their parents were happier. However, Covid 19 SOPs were fully implemented while going to school.

The study was conducted through a survey of 1,290 parents and their children aged 5 to 12 between October and November 2020.

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