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Online Education Misconceptions Need To Be Dispelled

No matter how much we focus on education at the moment, the educational loss that children have suffered can have an impact in the future.

How schools continue to thrive depends solely on the institutions that have empowered their teachers through the process of digital transformation.

Conscious and experienced teachers are no longer key players in the educational process but have been replaced by teachers who are adapting to the growing need for technology and especially the use of interactive applications and students in a changed learning environment. Be able to keep in touch with, keep them engaged and monitor their performance.

Now the concept of a ‘good’ teacher has changed dramatically. It is not necessary for a person to be able to drive a truck with the same skills. The transition from traditional education to online education was not only abrupt with many challenges, but also required some skills that went beyond basic understanding.

The basis for taking online classes depended on understanding the use of computers and learning platforms. However, the methods used to provide students with in-depth and meaningful education were quite different.

Becoming aware of online teaching and becoming an effective online teacher are two very different things. Most of us had a hard time copying face-to-face teaching methods, completing the curriculum as in the past, and giving homework.

The fact is that now everything is homework. Online education requires students to learn how to learn, they have to use the internet more for information, they have to resort to videos and applications that are an alternative to the teacher’s time and their curiosity.

In the words of a former US president, this is “the lure of an open road.” Online education means finding out where this road takes us and how our teachers use this path to achieve predetermined results according to the age of the students.

In this process, it is important to help them adapt to the new learning environment, to become proficient in the use of online resources, and to find and compile information alone or with peers after writing or writing. And be empowered to present the case.

Just knowing how to join an online classroom is in a way an expression of static learning that traps us in the illusion that we have adapted our traditional way of teaching to online learning.

Digital migration is also equivalent to migrating to a new country. We adapt ourselves to the new life to the point where our days and nights pass without interruption, but we do not necessarily live a meaningful life in which we need a fulfillment and a partnership in a new society. Be aware

It is better to stand aside and complain about the difficulties and worries than to look for opportunities and progress and seek help and resources to adapt ourselves to modern requirements and to empower our students.

For example, if a teacher feels that the class time available at Zoom is not enough for him, he can start a series of podcasts that students can listen to at any time at their convenience.

As online systems and educational platforms become more popular globally, we need to take immediate and necessary steps toward digital migration. The sooner we adapt to this new world, the sooner we will become accustomed to online education.

One billion 200 million students in 186 countries are affected by school closures. Here we have to make some decisions, we will either continue to face difficulties with online education or look for resources that can enhance the capabilities of our teachers.

While critics of online education question its usefulness, research has also shown that online education not only improves students’ ability to understand information, but also completes the curriculum rather than face-to-face teaching. I also take less time. We need to dispel misconceptions about online education.


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