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Oppo To Launch Revolutionary AI With 6G in 2035

The Chinese Smartphone brand Oppo has published a white paper on 6G and how it will revolutionize AI to influence our daily lives.

Based on this whitepaper, Oppo believes that 6G will be able to:

The way people interact with AI and it truly becomes a public service technology that everyone can use.

One of their applications will be autonomous vehicles and they will be able to assign “highly suitable AI algorithms” for maximum communication based on objects and their environment.

Vehicles will be able to comfort each other by providing the safest and easiest way to travel.

Oppo’s chief 5G scientist Henry Tang believes that 6G will start to become standard in 2025, and commercial implementation should be expected by 2035.

He added that AI units around the world would exceed the number of human beings in the world. This will make it easier for AI units to work together and negotiate to build a network that helps meet people’s needs.

The whitepaper gives an idea of ​​what an ideal world with 6G should look like. There’s still a lot of work to do, but at least Oppo has already put together a research team for 6G technology.


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