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PCTB Announces Nazra Quran Syllabus

Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board PCTB has issued Punjab PCTB Nazra Quran Syllabus of 50 marks in primary schools. Qur’an recitation will be taught as a compulsory subject in schools. There will be 3 periods a week for the first to third grades and four periods a week for the fourth and fifth grades.

According to details, after the amendment in the law from the Punjab Assembly, the implementation of compulsory education in Quran Nazra has been started. Punjab Text Board has also released the syllabus of Nazra Quran. The PCTB letter said that teaching of Quranic recitation is compulsory from first to fifth grade.

Education will be compulsory for all Muslim students. According to the notification, Nazra-e-Quran education will be a separate compulsory subject with fifty marks. According to the letter, Noorani Qaeda and the last four Surahs of the Holy Quran will be recited in the first class. The first class will be taught the first and second syllables.

The third grade will be taught from the third to the eighth grade. The fourth class will be taught from 9 to 18 Saparas. The fifth grade will be taught from 19 to 30 Saparas. There will be three periods of recitation of the Qur’an in a week from the first to the third grade, and four periods of recitation in a week in the fourth and fifth grades.

The letter said that work is underway for Nazra education for sixth to twelfth class. The syllabus will be announced soon. This decision will apply to all private and public educational institutions. The Textbook Board has directed all educational institutions to make arrangements in this regard.


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