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PEC Result 2022 for Grade 1 to Grade 8 Classes: Check Online

PEC Results 2022 of School-Based Assessment SBA Examinations of Punjab School Education Department will be announced on May 31, 2022 in all government schools of Punjab. All schools will issue report cards to all students which will have their subject-wise numbers along with teacher’s remarks.

Punjab Examination Commission PEC Result 2022 for Grade 1 to Grade 8 classes will be announced by all government schools of Punjab on the same day i.e. 31st May 2022.

Punjab Examination Commission PEC pec.edu.pk is the Child Department of Punjab School Education Department and is responsible for examinations up to 8th class. Prior to 2020, PEC was handling only 5th and 8th class examinations but after 2020, PEC now controls all classes. PEC Result 2022 for 5th Grade, PEC Result 2022 for Eighth Grade and PEC Result 2022 for All Classes.

PEC wrote to all CEOs of District Education Authorities regarding PEC Result 2022 and issuance of report cards to students.

Punjab Examinations Commission (PEC) wholeheartedly acknowledges the support provided by CEOs, DES in the implementation of School Based Assessment (SBA) 2022. The conduct was very smooth and standard operating method. The car ban indicates that the SEA has been properly implemented. Letter & sprit Many schools across Punjab province were also visited for convenience like us !! As feedback, it has been observed that almost 100% of the schools have prepared papers from IBS and conducted SBA accordingly.

The notified timeline for conducting the SBA also includes the date of preparation and distribution of report cards, based on the student’s rating and provides parents with feedback on their child’s performance.

Therefore, please instruct the heads of all the institutions under your jurisdiction to invite students, parents and school council members to organize a school level event for the distribution of report cards. In addition, all CEOs. DEOs Der DEOs. And AEOs are also requested to kindly invite all the stakeholders and publicize the results of SBA 2022 in a school under their leadership at district, tehsil and center level for distribution of report cards. At least) arrange the event.


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