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PMC National Medical Scholarships Fund

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC has launched PMC National Scholarship Fund. The purpose of this PMC Scholarship Fund 2021 is to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships based on need and merit to the candidates for admission in medical and dental colleges of Pakistan. Candidates must maintain a certain standard of merit and the scholarship or loan is paid directly to the student in the form of college fees. The scholarship grant will be paid directly to the college in respect of the student’s tuition fees and will not be refunded by the student to the trust. Scholarships or student loans that can be given to a student will not exceed the student’s annual tuition fee. Authorities will ensure that applications are available to all eligible students to apply for scholarships or student loans, and that candidates must apply through the PMC online portal.

National Medical Scholarship Fund

Scholarships or student loans will be assessed based on the student’s needs and qualifications and action will be taken on the basis of the announced transparent structure. For needs purposes, the student will be considered for other support, including resources available in the form of family income and other benefits received. For merit purposes, the student’s scores obtained in the MDCAT exam will be the basic criteria and the student’s performance in the HSSC program may also be taken into consideration. The amount of scholarship or loan will depend on the funds available to the trust for a particular year and a five-year plan of available funds.

Qualification criteria

Any candidate who is eligible for admission in a medical or dental college in Pakistan which has been recognized by the Pakistan Medical Commission and is subject to admission can apply for a scholarship or student loan.

The student who has been given a scholarship or student loan will receive it for the period given to him in good condition for enrollment in the program.

Scholarship or student loan will be renewed annually. Provided that the student obtains and retains applicable academic or merit benchmarks during his / her study program to retain the grant; In addition, no student will receive a scholarship or loan for more than the program’s minimum period.

If a student fails to qualify for any of the professional examinations in two attempts, the scholarship awarded will be canceled immediately and the period specified by the concerned authorities in such a situation. Inside the student loan will be called back and refundable.

Scholarship approval

The applicant will be notified before 31st December of each year whether his / her application for scholarship or loan has been approved and to the extent of its value. The trustees will submit a note of the original approval given by the trust to the student entering the college. The trustees will pay the approved amount directly to the college within 15 days of submission of the original approval note for the benefit of the student’s account. The scholarship awarded to the candidate will not give the student the right to enroll in medical or dental college and it will be applicable and binding only if the student has obtained admission strictly on merit. The approval note will be a temporary scholarship grant and will be finalized upon the student’s admission to the medical and dental college.


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