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PMC New Rule For MDCAT That Left Students In Stress

Earlier this month, the Pakistan Medical Commission PMC introduced the of Conduct of Examinations Regulations CER 2021, which has been a source of frustration for students.

Under CER 2021, students appearing for MBBS and BDS entrance exams have been deprived of the right to check the answer sheets and find out the validity of the question papers.

Since students awaiting results are allowed to take the entrance test, the number of students taking the MBC and BDS entrance tests is expected to increase from 500 to more than 500,000. 3 billion more through challan fees alone.

Section 4 (1) of the CER 2021 states that:

Any person, being a Pakistani or an overseas Pakistani or foreign national and being 16 years of age or more, shall be eligible to register for and attempt the MDCAT exam.

Section 4 (2) states that:

There shall be no restriction on a person having obtained a Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) qualification or equivalent 12th grade qualification prior to attempting the MDCAT exam.

Furthermore, the CER 2021 National Medical and Dental Academic Board (NMDAB) does not limit the MDCAT exam syllabus to any textbook or HSSC board syllabus and The bank is required to select the MDCAT exam collision.

Each student will be provided with a unique MDCAT question paper which will be randomly selected by the software and no student will have the right to object to the question paper. The result of the MDCAT entry test will be considered final and will not be available for re-examination.

CER 2021 has set a minimum passing number of 65 for the MDCAT exam. The result of MDCAT will be valid for two years from the date of examination. If the student re-appears in the MDCAT examination during this period, the student will be able to use the result with the highest marks to apply to the medical and dental colleges.

Any student who violates or refuses to comply with any provision of CER 2021 will be fined Rs.500. 5000 / -. 1 million in addition to the fine imposed by the PMC.

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