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PMC Test and Interview Policies For MBBS BDS Admissions

The Pakistan Medical Commission PMC has issued test and interview policies for MBBS and BDS admissions in medical and dental colleges. Candidates are instructed to follow the instructions when attending the interview. To get admission in private medical and dental colleges, candidates must pass the interview to get admission in MBBS / BDS. Medical and dental colleges that are conducting interviews as part of the admissions process must comply with the Pakistan Medical Commission Medical and Dental Undergraduate Education Regulations 2021.

MBBS BDS Admissions Protocols and policies

According to the results announced by the college, the candidates can take aptitude test or interview which is subject to the interview structure and advance authority is being provided for review.

All students who apply will be given ample time to attend the interview and the aptitude test and in case of any dispute between the two colleges in the schedule; Students will have the right to reschedule their tests and interviews.

Candidates are informed that tests and interviews can be conducted at any time before the final merit list is released.

It is the responsibility of each college to maintain a record of every test and interview conducted by it, as well as confirmation of the applicant’s participation in the test and interview, as the case may be. The applicant should be given a receipt that he has attended the interview.

The completed interview scoring form and the total score form should be clearly visible. The authority may request a record of the test and interview and the college must provide such a record.

The interview and test conducted by the college will be for the purpose of enrolling the student in the medical and dental program for the purpose of testing the academic aptitude and in any case an attempt to obtain or verify the financial aptitude of the candidate. Will not and no weight will be given. According to financial capacity in preparation of final list for BDS and MBBS admissions.

Important instructions

Following the announcement of the results of MDCAT 2021, the admission process has started so that the candidates can get admission in public and private medical colleges. Admission schedule has been provided to the candidates by Pakistan Medical Commission. The PMC has directed the institutions to abide by the announced protocols and policies. It is important to ensure that students sign the interview form at the time of the interview to confirm their presence at the interview. It is worth mentioning here that if the interview form is not signed then no claim of appearing in the interview will be acceptable. In addition, in case of any confusion, candidates can seek help through the PMC Student Portal.

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