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Recommendation For Private Students to Take Science Exam

A meeting of Inter-Boards Committee of Chairmen IBCC across the country has been convened on Thursday on the recommendation of private students to take science subjects and Sindh’s objections to Punjab’s grading system. Recommendations for permission to take the exam will also be discussed.

An important meeting of the IBCC (Inter-Boards Committee of Chairmen), a forum of heads of education boards across the country, has been convened in Coimbatore on Thursday to discuss regular science subjects at matric and inter level as well as Cambridge-style private. Recommendations for allowing engineering students to read and take medical subjects in the same year were included for discussion.

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Recommendations have been forwarded by Zia-ud-Din Board of Education to the IBCC meeting. At the same time, the objections of the Sindh Board of Technical Education SBTE on the situation arising out of the change of grading system at matriculation and inter level by the Punjab government have also been included in the agenda of the IBCC meeting.

The draft sent by the Sindh Board of Technical Education states that the IBCC works for the implementation of uniform examination system in the country while on the other hand the examination boards of one province have changed the grading system to Cambridge style which Students from one province will face difficulties and students from one province will have to face the grading system of another province for marking when they go to another province in case of transfer of parents.

Chairman Sindh Board of Technical Education told that the system of marking is prevalent in three provinces of the country in which the marks obtained on the mark sheet are issued but it has been changed by Punjab in which Cambridge Separate grades are given for each paper in the style while the marks are kept hidden and each subject is made separate and the A or A star grade starts from the marks obtained by the students who get the highest marks in a subject.

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Dr. Masroor Sheikh said that if the system is correct then IBCC should be introduced in the education boards of other provinces also because a separate policy in only one province would harm the students.

In addition, a draft submitted by the Sindh-based Zia-ud-Din Board has also been included in the agenda of the IBCC meeting in which the examinations of science subjects from the IBCC will be conducted in the style of Cambridge Board with private enrollment. Recommended.

The draft submitted by the Chairman of the Board, Prof. Dr. Nasir Ansar, states that in addition to the IGS Acmebridge Examination, several examination bodies allow Pakistani students to study and take science subjects with private enrollment while the country’s academic Boards do not allow private candidates to enroll in science subjects, which deprives our students of job opportunities in the international job market. Have been allocated.

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Schools and colleges may also have their Practical Centers. Similarly, in a separate draft sent by Dr. Nasir Ansar, Chairman, Zia-ud-Din Board, engineering students will be allowed to study and study science and medical subjects in a single session. It is also recommended that our Cambridge-style students should have the facility to read and test other disciplines at the same time and be able to know other subjects at the same time.

IBCC Secretary Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah said that the above mentioned recommendations were made part of the agenda. We may refer these recommendations to the Curriculum Council for conducting the examination in one session. Referring to the recommendations of Sindh Technical Board, he said that this matter is in our knowledge and it will also be discussed.


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