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PTA Agrees With TikTok To Develop A Content Procedure

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority PTA has agreed to develop a content-related approach with the short video sharing app TikTok to make content uploaded on the platform legal and safe for society.

It may be recalled that on the instructions of the courts, uploading objectionable material on Chinese video sharing platform was banned which is not acceptable in Pakistani society.

According to Dawn, Helena Larsch, Head of Public Policy Emerging Markets and Head of Global CSR, Helena Larsch, accompanied by her team, visited PTA Headquarters and met Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), retired Major General Amir Azeem Bajwa. Met

The TikTok team had a detailed meeting with the Chairman PTA in order to move the dialogue with the PTA forward in a purposeful manner in terms of moderating the content in accordance with local laws and social norms.

During the meeting, Helena Larsch highlighted the various steps being taken at the local level regarding future strategies / investments to ensure the provision of safe, purposeful, informative and authentic content to Pakistani consumers.

PTA was told that TikTok is the world’s largest short form video platform and it follows very strict guidelines.

According to TikTok Dog, 81.5 million videos were removed worldwide during the April-June quarter of this year.

These included 9.85 million videos uploaded from Pakistan, the second most deleted video in the world.

The TikTok team also released a copy of its Global Community Guidelines Implementation Report for the April-June 2021 quarter. The PTA was informed that the automated system implemented by the platform for detecting, blocking and removing unauthorized accounts has helped improve the speed and response to emerging threats.

The Chairman PTA acknowledged the remarkable efforts of TikTok and assured the team that talks would continue to reach a mutually acceptable procedure.

It should be noted that the short video application TikTok has been banned for the fourth time in less than a year.

The PTA had banned TikTok on the morning of August 21 after which the app has not been restored. Earlier on June 28 this year, the Sindh High Court banned TikTok at the request of a citizen. The PTA had filed a miscellaneous petition against it.

The High Court later ordered the PTA to expedite the disposal of TikTok applications and withdrew the ban on tick-tack.

Earlier in March this year, the Peshawar High Court had also ordered the closure of TikTok due to the presence of immoral material.

The service was later restored in April following claims and assurances from the Tuck Talk administration that the pornographic videos had been removed.

Due to the presence of immoral content, the PTA had also shut down TikTok across the country in October 2020. Earlier, the PTA had issued notices to the application management to remove pornographic material.

The TikTok administration later claimed to have removed millions of videos based on inappropriate content, after which the PTA restored the TikTok service.

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