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PU PhD Programs Abolished Due To Failure of Students in Entry Test

PhD Programs in three departments of Punjab University, the largest university in Punjab, will not be able to start this year.

This is because all the candidates from the Department of Communication Studies, the Institute of Administrative Sciences and the Department of Sports Sciences failed the entrance test for PhD admissions and the results were zero. It will not be possible to start Ph.D. courses.

Candidates allege that this time instead of NTS, the university took the entrance test itself and the lobby opposed to starting PhD programs made question papers out of the syllabus. The complaint was lodged with the management during the test.

On the other hand, according to the university administration, the entrance tests for admissions in PhD courses after M.Phil in various fields were taken in accordance with the university policy. In all the three categories, all the candidates failed and none of the candidates got at least 70% marks.

How did all the candidates fail in the entrance test?

Speaking to The Independent Urdu, Omar Farooq, a candidate for the PhD in the Department of Communication Studies at Punjab University, said, “Previously, the entrance tests were conducted through the National Testing Service (NTS). It is a reliable institution of the country. Tests conducted by the NTS have never yielded such a result. But this year the Punjab University administration had taken the test itself. In which out of syllabus question papers were made. So how is it possible that all the candidates who pass M.Phil fail? ‘

“According to our information, a lobby of professors in these fields wants the closure of PhD courses,” Omar said. Therefore, they made the question papers in such a way that no candidate could get 70% marks.

Punjab University Dean Prof. Dr. Khalid Mehmood denied the allegation, saying, “More than 100 candidates in three fields of Communication Study, Administration and Sports took the entrance test for PhD and none of them passed. Happened The impression that the pamphlets were out of syllabus was wrong because of a lobby in the university administration. Because if the university wanted to close PhD courses, admissions would not be advertised.

Is this the first time such results have come?

In response to this question, Prof. Khalid Mahmood while talking to Independent Urdu said, “This is probably the first time such results have come to light. Because before that the results are bad but it is not that no candidate has passed.

“By the way, our system is such that even in BA, only 40 per cent of the more than 1.5 lakh candidates pass,” he said. The main reason for this is that the candidates are not serious. They send admissions but do not prepare.

According to Dr. Khalid Mahmood, this time too, not only these three departments but only five in Mathematics, as well as in many other fields, only a few candidates have got 70% marks in the PhD entrance test.

Won’t PhD courses start now?

“Now the whole process will be re-advertised and then entry tests will be held,” he said. It will take up to three months for the candidates to be successful and for the courses to start. Question papers will also be reprinted. But there is no chance of easing the method. Because they are bound to take the entrance test as per the policy of the university. This is a matter of higher education, it cannot be compromised.

According to him, the question papers were prepared by the experts in the past and the question papers will be prepared in the future according to the same standard.

On the other hand, according to Omar Farooq, “this time the question paper was not balanced, the paper was not only out of syllabus but also did not take into account the proposed layout. This leaflet did not meet the deadline. That is, where there were ten questions, they were reduced to 14. Numbers for solved questions were also reduced.

According to him, this kind of question paper has never been prepared before according to the seniors but now it is time to do a degree. If the university advertises again, they will take the test again. Hopefully, the administration will not resort to such a method again in which it is impossible to get 70% marks.

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