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Punjab Announces Digitization of Education

Punjab announces digitization of education: With the advancement of technology and the revolution of digitization, all technical fields, especially education, need to be modernized and improved in accordance with this technological advance.

Because the development of education is an important weapon to compete with the country and the nation and if education does not meet the requirements of the time, then the country and the nation cannot be developed.

In a vision to facilitate education according to international standards with the help of state-of-the-art technology and tools, the Punjab government has announced the digitization of the education system in Punjab province.

According to the details, Punjab’s Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has decided to digitize the education system later this year.

Under the new system, the government will establish state-of-the-art educational facilities, providing online education for grades nine through twelve. The introduction of the educational digitization system will end the culture of the academies.

In this sense, the provincial government will introduce new educational policies and all students will benefit from equal educational opportunities throughout the province.

The CM Punjab Usman Buzdar stated:

“The new education system would become a role model for other cities of the country,”

He further added:

“For the first time in Punjab, more than 27,000 Public Schools are being Upgraded-Primary to Elementary and Elementary to Secondary, this would retain 4,000,000 (million) children in schools that drop out due to access issues,” 

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