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Punjab School Based Assessment Policy 2022 Announced

Punjab Education Minister Murad Rass has released School Based Assessment Policy 2022. In this regard, the Punjab Examination Commission has issued a notification to provide details regarding School Based Assessment SBA for the academic year 2022. Informed to check the information released by the concerned authorities. According to the latest tweet of Murad Ras, the 23rd meeting of the Punjab Examination Commission was held on October 1, 2021 to finalize the Punjab SBA Policy 2022.

Punjab School Based Assessment Policy 2022

According to the announcement, the school-based assessment will cover the entire curriculum for grades 1 through 8. National Curriculum 2006. The assessment for grades 1 to 2 will be oral and will consist of objective type questions as well as short answers / constructed answer questions. Assessment will be written for grades 3 to 8 and will consist of MCQs, short answers / constructed answer questions. For grades 3 to 8 the weight of MCQs and structured answer questions will be the same however it may vary between grades. The 50-digit Nazara Qur’an will be evaluated as a separate compulsory subject for Muslim students in grades 1-5 and the Islamic Studies paper will be of 100 marks. The assessment of ethics / religious education for grades 1 to 5 will be 100 marks for non-Muslim students and it will be equivalent to 150 marks for Islamic and Nazra Qur’an.

Punjab SBA Policy 2022
Punjab SBA Policy 2022

Punjab Examination Commission PEC

It is stated that PEC will provide item bank to schools for basic subjects in grades 1 to 8, including English, Urdu, Mathematics, General Science, Islam / Ethics, Social Sciences / Geography, and Computer Education. ۔ Teachers will prepare assessments of other election subjects in the same manner. Item Bank will be shared by PEC through its Item Bank system which will enable schools to prepare papers, keys and rubbers for SBA practice and marking. SBA 2022 dates will be provided by the authorities soon. All CEOs are instructed to share the assessment pattern with their schools so that teachers can adjust their teaching according to student assessment and curriculum completion.


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