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Punjab University Performance Report For Four Year Released

Punjab University Public Relations Department released a detailed report on the four-year performance of the university, according to which 2018 to 2022 were the most progressive years in the history of Punjab University.

Led by Vice-Chancellor Punjab University Prof. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar, Punjab University has made historic progress in all academic, research, and administrative fields.

According to the PU Performance report, from 2018-to 2022, Punjab University rose by 16% in the international rankings. In the last four years, Punjab University has progressed from the best 78% in the world to 62% in universities while it has also achieved 87th rank in the QS Asian rankings.

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QS named Punjab University as the 145th best university in Asia while Nature Publishing named Punjab University as No. 1 in Natural Sciences in Pakistan.

Similarly, in 2018, not a single subject of Punjab University was included in the international rankings and in 2022, QS ranked 15 subjects of Punjab University as one of the best institutions in the world. has been. In religious studies, Punjab University was ranked among the 101 to 130 best institutions in the world.

Academic restructuring of Punjab University was carried out under the next 50 years of national and educational needs due to which 67 teaching departments and research centers were added to Punjab University in 2018-2022.

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For the first time, research on solving national and social problems was given special impetus at Punjab University. In 2020, university faculty published the most impact factor research papers.

In the same way, in four years, the highest number of appointments and promotions took place in the history of the university, and in 2018-2022, the problems of teachers and employees, who have been waiting for a promotion and next appointment for decades, were solved.

According to a report published by the Department of Public Relations, in 2018-2022, for the first time in the recent fifty-year history of the university, 8 sessions of the Senate were held while in these four years, the real model of good governance was put into practice for the first time.


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