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Python Will Be Most Demand Programming Language in 2022

Looking at what to learn in 2022? Python remains one of the best options, with the programming language being named the most in demand in 2022.

One of the keys for anyone who is studying software development is to dedicate their efforts to learning a programming language. Of course, the selection not only has to be focused on those who have the greatest affinity with your skills, but also with those who have a real demand in the world of work (which, after all, is the reason to study ). And it seems that in 2022 the programming language to learn is Python.

According to CodingNomads, the language with the highest demand for 2022, according to the trends in hiring that were seen throughout 2021 and that, it is estimated, will extend into next year. With this, Python has taken the first place beating Java and JavaScript (which have the second and third places). Another interesting fact that the study leaves is that, although the demand for C, C ++ and C # did not increase significantly, it still has a space within the search for professionals.

“While Python has been around for decades, the demand for Python skills in 2022 will continue to grow exponentially thanks to its use in the booming data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence industries,” said Co-Founder and Lead Instructor from CodingNomads, Ryan Desmond. “Additionally, Python is considered one of the easiest, most powerful, and most versatile languages ​​to learn, making it popular with businesses, developers, and aspiring developers.”

This is not the only study that has confirmed the popularity of Python as a learning option. The TIOBE Index of December 2021, which is an indicator of the popularity of programming languages ​​based on the number of people who are learning it and the number of courses or programs to learn it, also put Python at the top of languages ​​to learn .

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