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Qualcomm Is Working On A Computer Like Credit Card

The globally renowned, American chip maker Qualcomm is working on a concept device called Qompute Card. It will be a complete computer on a small card the size of a credit card.

The company that makes Snapdragon will make computers in the form of credit cards.

All the basic elements will be present on the board. This will make a laptop that can literally be carried in your wallet.

This concept is not new. In 2017, Intel came up with a similar idea, but abandoned it two years later.

Qualcomm is now working on exactly the same solution, except that the heart of such cards will be SoCs based on ARM architecture.

The compute card will also include motherboard, RAM, and flash storage. Qualcomm computers can also be significantly smaller than Intel Compute Card.

Note that Qualcomm recently unveiled its top platform for flagship smartphones in 2022 – Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

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