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RealMe Introduces Magnetic Wireless Charging Phone

RealMe has introduced a new flagship smartphone with a feature that will be part of an Android phone for the first time.

The new phone will be called RealMeFlash and will feature the MagDart Wireless Magnetic Charger.

This will be the first Android phone to use this technology.

It will be similar to the MagSafe technology offered in Apple’s iPhone 12 series.

The Real Me Mag Dart will be attached to the back of the device which will provide an unknown amount of power to the phone.

This device is much larger than Apple’s MegSafe device and will also have a fan so that it will not be damaged by high temperatures.

Details about the device are not available, but it could potentially provide 15-watt fast charging support.

The device will also have a USB connector and the built-in cable will provide 15 watts of charging speed.

The real me flash will have a curved edge screen with a selfie camera hidden in a punch hole design on the upper left.

The back of the phone will be set up with 3 cameras, the details of which are not yet known.

The phone can have Snapdragon 888 processor, 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage.

In RealMe Flash, Android 11 will be integrated with RealMiUI 2.0.

Details of how long this phone will be introduced have not been revealed yet.


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