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Research On Intimacy In Space Is Essential For Human Survival: Experts

The US space agency NASA says no human has ever been intimate in space, nor is there any research on intimacy in a low-gravity environment.

Experts from Canada say that with the frequency with which ordinary citizens have traveled in space, it is now necessary to investigate this issue as well.

He called on the International Space Agency to establish rules for sexual intimacy and human reproduction in space, as it is essential for future human settlements on other planets to adapt to this much-needed natural process. Be understood together

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This research is essential for future public participation in long space missions, possibly including some married couples.

Remember that NASA has enacted a strict code of conduct against intimacy between astronauts in space. Which stood in the way of this research.

A NASA spokesman says the health and safety of astronauts is our top priority. Contains

Maria Santagida, co-author of the Space Sex Study, says it is still unclear whether humans will be able to have intimacy in space, a study that could open up new avenues for sexual activity in space.

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A NASA spokesman said that so far the reproductive process of many animals has been studied on the International Space Station using bulls and human sperm, including flies, jellyfish, fish, frogs, chicken eggs and rats.

But one problem is that the data on reproductive processes in animals is insufficient for human reproductive research.

That’s why Canadian researchers have called for a more systematic and extensive study of human sexuality in space.

Experts say that we are also trying to find out whether zero gravity or space can affect the erection of the penis.


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