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RossGram: Russia Introduces New App Over Instagram

Russia has launched its new service ‘RossGram’ against the photo uploading app Instagram, which will be operational from March 28.

Russian tech entrepreneurs are set to launch a photo-sharing application in the local market to help fill the gap left by Instagram, which was blocked by Russian authorities a week ago.

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According to the news agency, RossGram app is introducing many features including crowdfunding and free access to some content.

Russia’s communications regulator Ruskomzandor said Instagram had been blocked since Monday following instructions to allow posts calling for violence against Russian troops in Ukraine. As a result, the Russians are trying to provide a new platform locally.

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Earlier, Instagram’s parent company, Meta Platforms, had allowed its social networks, Facebook and Instagram, to post information on calls for violence against Russian citizens.

Adam Musei, director of the popular social media platform Instagram, said in a Twitter message that Russia’s ban would affect 80 million users because 80% of Russians abroad follow Instagram accounts.


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