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Russia Decides to Fine Twitter Meta and Google

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, US social media giants Facebook and Twitter have restricted access to their app in Russia.

However, US technology companies Google, Twitter and Meta (the founder of Facebook) could face fines for violating Russian laws and failing to open local offices.

The legislation, approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin, ordered more than 500,000 daily users to open offices in Russian territory by July 2021, and imposed fines on companies that did not do so.

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The companies were also ordered to register with the Russian Department of Communications.

In November last year, state communications legislator Roscomm Adzor released a list of 13 companies that were ordered to set up offices on Russian soil under the law.

By the end of last month, penalties and fines had been imposed on companies that did not comply with the law.

However, only a handful of companies complied until the February 28 deadline, when pressure mounted on Western businesses to cut trade ties with Russia even after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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According to the data on the Ministry of Communications’ website, Apple and Spotify had opened their offices before the Russia-Ukraine war, while the messaging app Viber has taken all the necessary steps in this regard.

According to the website, companies that have not yet established offices in Russia include Google, Meta, Twitter, TickTalk, Zoom and the video-sharing app Like.


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