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Russia Involved In 58% of Hacking Attacks: Report

Last year, most state-sponsored hacking involved Russians, targeting government agencies and think tanks in the United States, Ukraine, Britain and European NATO countries.

According to a report published in Dawn newspaper, this was said by Microsoft which detected these hackings.

The devastating effects of the long-unknown Solar Winds hack have primarily damaged the information technology business, including Microsoft.

This brings the success rate of Russian-backed hackers to 32 percent for the year ended June 30, up from 21 percent in the previous 12 months.

Microsoft said in its annual Digital Defense Report that China’s state-sponsored hacking efforts were less than one in 10 but managed to break 44% of targeted networks.

The report described ransomware attacks as a serious and growing epidemic, with the United States being the most affected country by three times more than any other country. ۔

State-sponsored hacking, by contrast, is primarily about gathering intelligence for national security, commercial, or strategic gain that is generally tolerated by governments, with US cyber operators being highly skilled.

The report by Microsoft Corporation, which works with government agencies in Washington, did not mention US hacking.

The Solar Winds hack was an embarrassment to the US government and some Washington lawmakers called for retaliation.

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President Joe Biden has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin to take action against ransomware criminals, but this week several administrative cybersecurity officials said they had found no evidence.

The overall success rate for state-sponsored hacking is 10 to 20 percent, said Kirsten Goodwin, head of Microsoft’s digital security unit.

According to the report, Russian hacking efforts increased by 52% in the period 20-2019, while in the year ended June 30, North Korea was the second country with 23%, which was less than the previous 11%, while China’s share increased by 12%. It has come down to 8%.


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