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Samsung Introduces Repair Mode To Protect Sensitive Mobile Data

Samsung is always striving to make its products better and better for the users, that’s why, whether it’s new mobile features or new data protection technology, it keeps introducing new mobile devices for users. To make it even more convenient.

In keeping with the same tradition, Samsung has developed a new technology to secure your mobile data, which he will soon introduce in his new mobile phones. As mobile is used more frequently, it is also more damaged accordingly.

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However, in an exciting development, Samsung has said that if you take your phone to a service center or shop for repair, all kinds of accounts including bank or social media accounts, photos or videos, and many more.

Sensitive information and documents can fall into unsafe hands from where they can be copied and cause any damage, so now Samsung has presented a very interesting option to protect this valuable data. What is called Repair Mode?

Samsung has also made it very easy to use, all you have to do is go to the device care screen and battery settings to access repair mode, enable it and the phone will reboot. As soon as the phone goes into repair mode and reboots, i.e. reinstalled and repaired in a way, photos, messages, and all kinds of account details be it social media accounts, emails, apps, or your business and bank accounts. They will all disappear and they will not be accessible at all.

In this way, when you send your mobile to a shop to be repaired, your data is safe and as soon as your phone comes from the shop, you can unlock it using pattern lock or fingerprint and enter repair mode again. must be disabled so it will reboot the phone once again. As soon as you reboot, your data will appear on your mobile as it was before the phone was repaired.

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It is said to be the first to be introduced to the Galaxy S21 series via a software update, and the key feature is expected to be rolled out to a few more models in the future.

It should be noted that Samsung has posted the press release of this initiative first on the Korean website, which means that this facility will be provided to Samsung’s home tariff in the first phase.


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