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Samsung TVs that You Can Carry Everywhere

Samsung’s TVs are popular all over the world, but their size is quite large and it is not possible to carry around.

That’s why the South Korean company has introduced The Freestyle, an ultra-portable smart TV projector.

It weighs less than 900 grams with a 180 degree stand and can display footage on walls, screens or anything that is 30 to 100 inches in size.

It displays 1080p resolution video while also having auto focus and auto leveling features so that it can automatically align the image to any level.

It can play music with 360 degree sound and access to Samsung’s Smart TV platform so you can stream Netflix shows or movies with the help of this projector.

Samsung has offered a number of accessories to enhance the experience of this device.

Like lens caps that create mood lighting, a waterproof case can be used to protect it from water outside while a USB portable battery can be used to project material without electricity.

It is priced at 99 899 (over PKR 158,000) and is currently available for pre-order on Samsung’s website.

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